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City of Sanctuary Stand at Celebration of Martin Luther King

City of Sanctuary spent the day gaining pledges and taking part in a celebration of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream Speech” on the 28th August.

It was an all-day event, with lots of different groups involved. On display was a new City of Sanctuary stand up banner, using the same designs established in 2012 through the groups exhibition at the Liverpool Biennial Festival.

The event was a great success with many pledges signed and the City of Sanctuary group on hand to explain to the people of Liverpool the movement’s push for equality and basic human rights for those seeking sanctuary in our city. The movement aims to reduce the fear, isolation and exclusion of the few people seeking refuge in Liverpool, and celebrate Liverpool’s long history of hospitality and the previous contributions made to the city by those that have sought refuge.

The event came in the same week as the number of Syrian child refugees passed 1 million. So far, Germany has been the only country to agree to a formal resettlement plan for Syrian refugees, accepting 5,000 especially vulnerable refugees stuck in Lebanon. There have been repeated calls for the British government to back up its commitment to the Syrian people by agreeing to a similar plan.…