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Liverpool City of Sanctuary Celebrates International Migrants Day

Liverpool City of Sanctuary joined the celebrations at Liverpool Town Hall on the 18th December for International Migrants Day.

Following celebrations across the UK, the event organized by Liverpool City Council provided migrant communities the opportunity to showcase their culture and heritage to a wide range of groups, service representatives, and key decision makers.

The day was officially recognised over ten years ago by the United Nations, to mark the anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their families.

The event was opened by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Councillor Gary Millar, who said: “we should be proud that so many communities have chosen to make their home here and I am looking forward to seeing diverse cultures celebrated.”

In the literature for the event, Liverpool City Council reaffirmed its support and endorsement of the City of Sanctuary movement, pledging to “Do what we can to ensure that those seeking sanctuary in the UK are treated fairly in Liverpool, recognising that they are often among the most disadvantaged members of our community”.